Salted Caramel Day

13th October

The public

The people have been yearning for a day to celebrate all that makes salted caramel delectable


Reaction? Of course there should be such a day! Let us celebrate the salty caramelly goodness on the 13th October every year!


`Salitum 'Carmel donum a Deo

How Salted Caramel Day came about!

This is the story of how salted caramel day came about.

It was late one night in a city far away when two caramel lovers started to discuss the delights of the salty variety. One thing lead to another and before long the google machine was being hit up for the exact date for Salted Caramel Day! Afterall, it's reasonable to expect such a thing exists given the joy it brings to so many people. Turns out we were dead wrong. Right, we must do somthing about this! In fact, the first thing on the list was to buy the domain. The second thing was to decide on a date! October 13th is as good a date as you can get for such an auspicious occasion so that's the date that has been set. Now, as a salted caramel lover it's your job, nay duty, to create one of the salted caramel recipes on this site on October 13th to band togethor in solidarity with your bretheren!


Coming soon!